finding a pet friendly apartment for rent

Finding a Pet-friendly Apartment

Finding an Apartment can be hard work – especially when you are looking for something to accommodate you and a pet! Although it is not yet illegal to deny potential renters for owning a pet, the fact of it is that landlords still have the freedom to choose whether they will rent to you based solely on whether you will be bringing a four-legged friend. But before to decide to lie about owning a pet simply to have a roof over your head, we have put together a tip list to help you secure your new rental property without lying on your application.

So, what can you do to maximize your chances of finding a perfect pet-friendly apartment?

Take Your Time

We all know that finding a rental property to suit all of your needs and price range is hard enough, but add a pet into the mix and this process will quickly turn into mission impossible. You want to make sure that while you get your granite countertops and 5 kitchen appliances that you also find a place that is close to a park or within walking distance. Finding a place with that meets your wish list can take up to 2 months, so make sure you leave yourself enough time to find your new home.

Don’t Lie

Ok, so don’t mention you have a pet right out the gate; but do be sure to let your potential landlord know that you have a pet. Find a way to point out the good things about your pet during your first meeting; they are well trained, quiet (if you own a small pet make sure to mention this…it could go a long way!)

See Both Sides

Yes, your pet, may be well trained and you got the common sense gene; that doesn’t mean that your landlord hasn’t had to deal with irresponsible pet owners in the past. Yappy loud dogs, inability to pick up after them, damage to the premises; your landlord may have had to deal with any number of problems in the past; from your landlords perspective, these are all legitimate reasons to cause hesitations to rent to another pet owner. Fill them in on details about your pet to help alleviate concerns your landlord may have. Like, do you work from home, do you have a dog walker, is your cat de-clawed/nail capped/ claws trimmed on a weekly basis to prevent scratching? Any pertinent details that will help dispel concerns to reassure your landlord that you are a responsible and considerate pet owner will go a long way in helping you find a rental property appropriate for both you and your pet.

Speak to Your Strengths, Not Your Pets

Provide proof of your responsible pet ownership; documents that prove your pet has been fixed, taken to the vet on a regular basis, obedience classes and reference letters from previous landlords will go a long way in making you your landlord’s exception to the rule. Reassure your new landlord that you will be responsible for your pet; paint your pet out to be the ideal situation and if the situation allows, try introducing them to your pet or inviting them to see your current home; let them see firsthand all of the good things you’ve said about them. Upon anticipation of meeting a new landlord, take them to be groomed and looking at their very best; this will help to further your point of a responsible pet owner.


There’s always Rentza; use the pet-friendly filter option, or consider asking your local humane society for a list/recommendations of pet-friendly rentals. A local real estate agent may also be able to help locate pet-friendly accommodations on your budget.

Although the search may be tough, the time spent to find the ideal home for you and your pet will pay off.

Happy Hunting from Rentza!