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Pet Travel Tips

How to Travel with Pets this Holiday Season It’s that time of year again – and undoubtedly your calendars have filled up with holiday parties, family gatherings, and visits with friends. While for many these events are nothing else but dreading time spent with the in-laws or rushing out to buy new party outfits; for […]

pet friendly winter tips

Just like us, our pets are affected by the changing seasons and the impending and chilling cold of winter weather. For some pets that are older or who suffer from particular diseases and other ailments like arthritis, the winter cold can be especially devastating. Thankfully, here are five good tips on how to keep you […]

Buying a Pet for Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS – LET’S GET THE KIDS A DOG! Is there anything cuter than a kitten or a puppy? Or any baby animal, for that matter.  Bunny rabbits. Hamsters.  Gerbils. Guinea pigs. And the cute factor seems to go right off the scale when you add in a cozy Christmas scene and imagine the joy on the faces of […]


I love Christmas.  I love the lights, the music, the ambience.  I even love the snow (because snow and Christmas just seem, in my mind, to go together – though the people in tropical parts of the world may disagree).   I love how people seem to be kinder to one another.  Donations to food banks […]