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dog and new baby

The air is filled with joy and excitement; you’ve been planning, organizing, nesting and your bundle of joy is almost here. The anxiety is starting to build… what if they don’t get along? How is the dog going to react to the new addition to the family? What if your pet starts to resent the […]

Bad Roommate

Breaking up is hard to do… Gone are the days where you’d hang out and watch movies, their dishes never seem to make it to the dishwasher and that pile of dirty laundry is starting to smell. Whatever the reason it’s time to break –up, with your roommate. It could be that you and your […]

Renting an apartment

We all know that a low credit score can affect many financial endeavours you may encounter in your daily life; including trying to rent an apartment. This applies to whether you have been paying rent for years or if you are a brand new renter. Either way, a low credit score can make your apartment […]

Pet Friendly Apartment Rentals

Like many would agree, pets are part of the family. They add the warmth and comfort a home should have. Although the number of pet-friendly apartments are on the rise, it can still prove quite difficult to find the right one. Like any rental, there are certain financial restrictions you may come across; especially if […]