Calgary Tiny Home

In a twist of irony, tiny homes are becoming HUGE! We seem to be slowly moving from a society of keeping up with the Joneses to a more simple existence, unfettered by possessions. More and more people seem to be coming to the realization of the pointlessness of endlessly acquiring more stuff that they have to be responsible for. People are tired of being handcuffed to large homes and large mortgages, meaning longer hours working to pay for them and less time to enjoy being with their friends, their families, their pets – less time to enjoy just being. Everything we own has to be stored, insured, and maintained – homes, furniture, electronics, vehicles, property, tools … and all these things drain our energy, our wallets, and our time.

 Enter the Tiny Homes Movement

Tiny Homes Movement. Yes, capitalized, even – it’s an entity all its own.

Tiny homes have taken society by storm, and cyberspace is atwitter (pun intended) with information. Tiny homes are showing up everywhere on social media, and there are TV programs cropping up dedicated to the movement (Tiny Homes Nation and Tiny House Hunters, to name two).

Calgarian Ashley Baptiste and his wife ( chose to pack up their two sons, two dogs, and two cats, leave the busy-ness of the city, and move to a serene piece of land near Carseland, Alberta (so serene, in fact, that they have named it ‘Serenity Acres’). Their vision is to rent some of their land out to other like-minded people to build tiny homes alongside them and live as a small community.

For now, the City of Calgary is treating tiny homes on wheels as recreational vehicles ( Not everyone wants or needs their tiny home to be portable, and they can be foundation-built, so if the movement takes off in Calgary I expect the City will need to evolve to create or modify existing bylaws to accommodate this growing phenomenon.

 Tiny Home Dwellers Still Need ‘Stuff’ Sometimes

With people downsizing in a big way (oh look! another pun! – unintended, this time!), the rental industry is poised to explode. When you choose to live in a tiny space, every square inch must be built with utility in mind. You scale down to the essentials of living, meaning there is no room for a bunch of things you might only need occasionally (tools, for one thing). Rentza provides a place for people who might need real estate to rent from people who offering rental property.

There are those who are going to ditch many of their possessions and make the bold move to tiny – and there are those who shudder at the very thought. Now they can connect on