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Bad Roommate

Breaking up is hard to do… Gone are the days where you’d hang out and watch movies, their dishes never seem to make it to the dishwasher and that pile of dirty laundry is starting to smell. Whatever the reason it’s time to break –up, with your roommate. It could be that you and your […]

Renting an apartment

We all know that a low credit score can affect many financial endeavours you may encounter in your daily life; including trying to rent an apartment. This applies to whether you have been paying rent for years or if you are a brand new renter. Either way, a low credit score can make your apartment […]

finding a pet friendly apartment for rent

Finding a Pet-friendly Apartment Finding an Apartment can be hard work – especially when you are looking for something to accommodate you and a pet! Although it is not yet illegal to deny potential renters for owning a pet, the fact of it is that landlords still have the freedom to choose whether they will […]