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how to keep good tenants

Finding good tenants is any landlords dream. They pay their rent on time, their quiet and well mannered, they even maintain good care of the property. So wouldn’t you rather keep these tenants in your rental property instead of putting large amounts of effort and money into finding new tenants? We have put together a […]

tips for becoming a good landlord

Conduct a Thorough Background Check Before renting to any new tenant you should properly screen for any past issues from; defaulting on the rent, damage caused to the premises or keeping undesirable company within their rental property. A rental application, credit check, and references will help to determine whether the applicant is a desirable tenant and […]

stress free property management

Deciding to invest in a Rental Property can be an exciting time for anyone, but like any new adventure, this can also be very daunting and stressful. A major investment takes a lot of thought and research and shouldn’t be considered lightly. To help with this process we have put together a list of tips to […]

Property Manager

Finding the appropriate person to manage your investment can be quite troublesome and relies a great deal on judgment. You want to find someone that you can trust to take good care of your rental property. Look for traits like organization, integrity and most importantly experience. The list below will help you to find and […]

Screen Rental Property Tenants

One of your primary considerations as a landlord should be to protect your investment. The best ways to do that is by locating tenants who will make timely rental payments and care for your property. However, sometimes, locating such tenants can be a challenge. Occasionally, tenants will manipulate the province’s landlord/tenant rules to cheat landlords […]