Moving With Pets

No one enjoys moving. Sure it’s an exciting endeavour especially if you are trading in old for new. But the process of finding a place, packing, the inevitable unpacking and of course getting your belongings from A to B can be quite troublesome. What’s worse, is having to move with pets.

Although we all love our furry friends and wouldn’t give them up for anything, it’s hard to remember that moving can be just as stressful for our pets as it is for us. They become unsettled and have a hard time adjusting to a new environment. Not to mention the time they will spend locked in their kennels or in a room or staying with a friend while you begin to pack everything up in a moving van and unload at your new residence. All of this can cause a lot of tension and anxiety in our pets. So consider how you can make the process a little less stressful for your beloved animal.

Prepare for the Unforeseen

It’s a good idea to consider, even if you don’t want to imagine, that your pet may run off or get out while you are moving. You want to make sure that their tags are updated and have current contact information. If your pet is microchipped make sure that the vet has your correct contact information as well.

Of course, you should have already considered what you will be doing with your pet while the commotion of a move is going on. See if you can have a friend or family member watch your furry friend for a couple of days throughout your move. Or ensure that they are securely in their carriers while you have doors open and people coming and going.

Get Them Used to Their Carriers

Give your pet time to get used to their carriers. If your pets aren’t familiar with these enclosures, it can become quite stressful for them.

To avoid any unnecessary anxiety for your pet, set out your pet’s carriers well before the move to allow them time to sniff them out and get used to them. Try putting their favourite toys inside to make the environment feel more secure. You can even out an article of your clothing in there so they can find comfort in your scent.

Plan Ahead for your Pet’s Transportation

Make a plan to transport your pets to your new residence; the movers you hired won’t be able to transport them for you so you want to make sure ahead of time that you have arranged safe travel for them. If the move is a long trip see if your vet can prescribe any medication to prevent motion sickness. Ensure that your pets have not been over feed the morning of the move as to not upset their stomachs.

Other Moving-Day Options

As pointed out earlier the best option for your pet may be not to involve them in the move at all! Having your animals stay with friends or family throughout your move is less stressful for your pets. This way you can move without worrying if they have gotten out and gives you some time to get their things set up at your new residence.

Keep Pet Supplies Close by

By keeping some pet supplies in a box on hand will make it easier for you to get your new place pet ready right away. You should have at least a couple of days’ worth of food, some extra toys or kitty litter, and anything else you think your pets will need right away.

Know Where Your Pet is

If you are going to keep your pets on hand during the move, ensure that they are in a secure locked room both at the old and new place. Make a sign to let people know that your pets are in the room to protect against a runaway situation.

The room at the new place should be stocked with all of their favourite things. Make sure to keep plenty of food and water and a litter box in the room and if you have a dog it’s a good idea to have a puppy pad for any accidents. By giving them a safe place at the new apartment will allow you time to unpack and will help you to introduce your new home to your pets in calm and steady manner.

Routine is Key

Possibly the most important tip is to stick to your pets’ day-to-day routine as much as possible. If you can keep up with their feeding schedule and any daily walks that your pets are already familiar with, it will allow for an easier transition for your furry friends.