Humane Society is a new online marketplace for people who want to rent out their property and belongings to people who need somewhere to live or are looking for a piece of equipment to rent.

One issue close to the Rentza community’s heart is Pet-friendly Accommodations. In most cities there is a distinct shortage of pet-friendly rental properties available, and Calgary falls into this list. is working to bring pet-loving landlords together with pet-loving renters. To help raise awareness and in hope of increasing the pet-friendly properties available, Rentza will be donating $5 to the Calgary Humane Society for every pet-friendly property posted until June 30th.

The Calgary Humane Society is more than just a shelter. It is an established animal welfare organization, connecting lives of animals and people while providing essential animal services to the community. Today, Calgary Humane Society shelters more than 5,000 homeless animals each year.

To learn more about the Calgary Humane Society visit their website at

No one wants to have to surrender their pets because they can’t find pet-friendly accommodations. Pets are family too, so if you have a rental property consider listing it as Pets Allowed. Help support a good cause and potentially save a fur child from being put into a shelter.

The Rentza Team