As life gets busier each day, the comfort of home is the one people always look forward to at the end of the day. Nowadays, people prefer renting a house than purchasing one due to a lot of different factors that include flexibility and cheaper costs. Young professionals and students are the top consumers of rental properties mainly because they have no plans in spending the rest of their lives in that certain property or town and by renting a place they can move out anytime due to unforeseen circumstances without any hassle compared to those who own their property.

Students who’re planning to rent a place near their campus or workplace tend to have a tight budget as they break down their allowance with college fees, food, and other essential things that’s why they must find a perfect place that is within their budget. There are different factors that students consider in their decision-making in regards to renting houses. And here some examples:

  • The closeness of the property to the campus
  • Affordability
  • Access to Public Transportation and Amenities
  • Safety of the area
  • Cleanliness

According to Anglicare Australia’s 2017 Student Housing Study, they find out that excessive housing costs have a negative impact on the students’ wellbeing and education which is why rental companies provide discounts and promos in the hopes of helping the students’ to focus more on their studies by giving them a quality living experience so they can enjoy a comfortable and happy life while they pursue their goals and dreams.

With the high demand for renting properties to students, it is important to provide them a quality service by giving perks and rewards to attract more tenants and create a positive relationship between each other, gaining their trust and loyalty with the service. In order to have a successful rental housing business, tenants’ satisfaction must always be the top priority. That’s why we in RemLoyalty make sure to attend to our occupants’ concerns and addressed them properly by offering different services and reward programs that ensure the happiness of our tenants.

We offer low-cost fees with no expiration, no blackouts, high earn, and great value rewards. By purchasing our RentPerks Privileges Program, you can earn Rem rewards on debit cards with zero processing fees and you can also earn other rewards by just paying your rent on time. Great deal, right? Earn some bonus rewards for good condition reports & re-leasing with RentPerks and with no damage bond.

We also offer Blockchain rewards to tenants for having the right behavior, signing a lease and renewing a lease early, maintaining the property in good condition, paying rent on time, etc. You can have a lot of access to a range of discounts and special deals from a huge list of retailers that are specifically for students thus providing added value to being one of our tenants. Aside from these rewards, we also offer outstanding property maintenance and guaranteed cleanliness, access to updated and competitive amenities for an over-all better accommodation experience.