Maintaining your lawn

If you are lucky enough to have a lawn, you know that the arrival of spring is an important time of the year. This week, we decided to give you some advice on caring for your lawn.

  1. Mowing

Let’s talk about lawn maintenance, in particular, mowing. Regular mowing from spring until fall is essential to ensure a beautiful lawn. In principle, it is ideal to mow once a week or once every 12 days. Regarding the cutting height, it generally varies between 5 and 7 cm in March, and between 7cm to 10 cm during the summer.

How to Choose a Lawn Mower

The most important feature for lawn quality is your cutting system. There are two different types of cutting systems:

Cylinder Lawn Mower or Reel Mower

This mower has anywhere between 5 and 12 exposed blades. They rotate at the front of the mower trapping and cutting the grass against the fixed bottom, like a pair of shears. The more blades the mower has, the better the finish.

This type of cutting system is ideal for low or short cut grass and will not cut grass that is overly long. With this type of mower you should be cutting twice a week, depending on the weather, but at least once a week to ensure a quality lawn.

Rotary Lawn Mowers

These mowers have one very high speed-rotating blade that cuts the grass on impact. The Rotary mower will be the best mower if you have medium or high grass to cut; you can get away with cutting your lawn every 7 to 12 days.

Tips: Do not mow when the grass is damp; it will take you a lot longer than with dry grass! You also do not want to wait until the lawn is 10 or 15 cm high to avoid the risk of jamming your mower. Finally, if the mowing area exceeds 2000 m², it is better to buy or rent a ride-on mower.

  1. Light Scarifying (Power Raking)

This is an important step to achieve in the spring because it will eliminate the thick thatch and moss “dead” or “dry” (called felting). To do this, you should equip yourself with a Power rake or Scarifier. Of course if you do not have one of these, you can easily rent one from an individual or a professional on Rentza.

  1. Seeding and Lightly Rolling

If your lawn has some bald areas or is starting to look a little thin, try over seeding it. After over seeding run a rake through the grass to ensure seeds have made it all the way to the soil.

If your lawn has been made bumpy over the winter from fluctuating temperatures or animal holes; there are ways to fix this. You can rent a roller and lightly go over your lawn after the seeding process.

  1. Fertilizing

Fertilizing is essential to maintain a healthy green lawn that all your neighbours will be envious of. This can be a tricky process and there are many techniques to do it. We recommend doing your research before throwing any old fertilizer on your grass. This action will regenerate the density of your lawn and will also enable you to replenish the soil.

  1. Watering

To maintain a green lawn in all seasons, watering is very important! In the spring, we recommend watering every 3 days and summer every 2 days. If possible, always water in the evening to avoid evaporation of the water during the day.

Happy Gardening Everyone!

See you soon,

The Rentza team