Buying a Pet for Christmas


Is there anything cuter than a kitten or a puppy? Or any baby animal, for that matter.  Bunny rabbits. Hamsters.  Gerbils. Guinea pigs. And the cute factor seems to go right off the scale when you add in a cozy Christmas scene and imagine the joy on the faces of your children (girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.) when they see the precious sweet bundle under the tree Christmas morning. But may I suggest you not give in to the urge to give a pet for a Christmas present?

Bad Idea

Christmas is a notoriously busy time in most households. Bringing a new pet into the family makes for a busy time as well. It’s really best not to combine the two high-emotion, high energy occasions. A new pet will need time to adjust to new surroundings and new family members and this is best done under normal, everyday circumstances – not under chaotic circumstances such as excited children, flying wrapping paper, the multitude of mouth-watering smells (and accompanying temptation that could prove too much for some furry critters), and the general bedlam that can be the norm in many households on Christmas day.

A Better Idea

If your family has seriously discussed the possibility of adopting (and hopefully you will adopt) a pet, a better idea might be to put a package under the tree with all the accessories for your potential new family member (leash, toys, food, etc.) along with a ‘gift card’ for the family to attend the local shelter early in the new year to find the new addition. If your new addition is to be a dog, a super idea would be to include a gift certificate for obedience training that the entire family can participate in along with Fido or Bowser.

In addition to the Calgary Humane Society, there are several other fabulous organizations dedicated to finding furever homes for God’s creatures in Calgary, such as AARCS, the Meow Foundation, and Pawsitive Match Rescue just to name a few. If you google “pet rescue Calgary” you are sure to come up with several more hits.

Adopt? Or Foster?

If you’re not quite ready for the 10+ year commitment of adopting a pet, perhaps a lovely family New Year’s Resolution could be to help out some of these amazing organizations by fostering a dog or cat until they find their furever families. There are many furchildren in our city who could use your love and attention – at Christmas and all through the year. Help give them a Merry Christmas too!