Keeping Your Tenants Happy – Tips for Landlords

Keeping your tenants happy will not only make life as a landlord much easier, but will ensure that your property is well taken care of. It will also help to retain those good tenants and keep you from having to find new ones less frequently. Help improve your tenant/landlord relationships by simply taking the time and making an effort to create a positive living environment.

Clearly Define Your Expectations and Rules

Everyone has rules; be upfront and clear on what your expectations are for your tenants. Develop a list for your potential tenants about the rules and expectations you expect your tenant to follow. Make sure that they are well aware of maintenance responsibilities and what you consider to be inappropriate use of the property. Include any noise restrictions and clearly state penalties for late rental payments. If you’re thorough and upfront from the beginning it will help to prevent unfavourable situations from occurring in the future.

Communication with Your Tenants

If you want to maintain a positive relationship with your tenants then you must be receptive to feedback and make it easy for them to contact you. Having communicated your expectations early you must then create open lines of communications to allow them to voice any concerns or report any problems. By creating and implementing a tenant portal will not only allow you to do this, but will give you and your tenants a way to document payment history as well as complaints. It’s a quick and easy way to keep those lines of communication open and readily available.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Your Property

Ensuring that all of the maintenance and repairs needed for the rental unit and the property are kept up to date is essential when it comes to keeping your tenants happy. Make sure and cut the grass regularly or remove snow in a prompt manner. As well, try to focus on keeping the exterior as well as common interior areas of the building in good repair. Regular scheduled maintenance will also help to prevent larger problems from developing.

If the property and unit do not remain in good repair it can give your renters grounds to; withhold rent, deduct costs of repairs from rent, sue for resulted injuries or even possibly move out without providing notice.

Rental Incentives and Discounts Go a Long Way

Rental incentives or discounts will go a long way in making your tenants feel appreciated. Reward them for paying their rent on time or recognize their rental anniversary with a small gift, thank you card or even a discount on rent. It may cost you money upfront but will make your tenants feel appreciated and help you to retain those tenants for a longer period of time.

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