Rental Listing in Calgary

Creating an effective rental listing is a key step to renting out your property as quickly as possible. To help you with this important step, we prepared a little guide to follow that will help to increase your success on Rentza!

Tip # 1: Title

The title is the first element of your ad that will be seen. Therefore it is essential that the title is attractive, effective and stands out from the other ads. We recommend always including the location of the rental item along with the property or equipment type. An example of a Property Rental could be, “Beautiful Lower Mount Royal Condo”. An example of a Table Saw Rental could read, “Downtown Calgary Dewalt Table Saw”. Seeing as Rentza is a rental website, so there is no need to put “Rental” or “For Rent” at the end of each listing. Eliminating unnecessary words will allow you to come up with a succinct but catchy title.

Tip # 2: The description

The most difficult part of writing a full detailed description is avoiding making it too long and losing the effectiveness of your ad. For the description to be effective it is important to focus on the main features of the rental being listed. However, be careful not to give too much technical characteristics as potential tenants might get lost in an overflow of information.

When describing your Property Rental you could mention something unique about the community, like how it has a south facing deck. The potential tenants will already know it has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms from looking at the listing, so there is no need to write duplicate information.

Equipment Rentals might differ from Real Estate Rentals. You may want to clarify the use of an object, as well as some user tips.

To complete your description, you can also specify the conditions of the rental exchange (location, payment, documents to bring, etc.).

Tip # 3: Photos

Many will agree that photos are the most important element of your rental listing. Clear and attractive photos will make your rental item more appealing to potential renters. Make sure your rental is clean with no unintended objects in the background, taking attention away from the focal point of your ad. Most mobile phones these days can capture photographs with high quality. However, if one of your friends or family members has a professional camera, it might not be a bad idea to invite them over for some coffee, just make sure they don’t forget that camera!

Now your ad is ready to be published! Once online, you will receive numerous requests. Our advice is to be responsive whenever you can and don’t miss out on an opportunity to rent.


See you soon,

The Rentza Team