Searching for Dog Friendly Apartments

We all love our dogs, and wouldn’t think about moving anywhere without them. That means finding dog friendly apartment for rent is of the utmost importance. The good news is, more apartment complexes are allowing dogs and are more understanding of the pivotal role pets play in their residents’ lives. That means finding dog friendly apartments is easier than ever.

The not so good news. You will often find there are restrictions, caveats and extra fees associated with dog friendly apartments.

Here are a few things to think about when you’re searching for dog friendly apartments.

RentZa has a filter to help you find the properties that accept dogs. This eliminates the painful discovery that the complex you love most won’t accommodate your best friend. Once you’ve got that first list narrowed down to include only dog friendly apartments, you can filter further based on other requirements you have, or amenities you’d enjoy.

Prepare to spend a little more in dog friendly apartments

In most cases, you are going to pay a premium for your furry best friend to stay with you. Pet fees, pet deposits and pet rent are all possibilities. In some places, you might need to pay all three.

What’s the difference?

A pet fee is a non-refundable fee, tenants would be charged up front, a one-time fee that simply gets your dog in the door.

A pet deposit is a refundable amount that will be returned to you when you move out, provided there is no dog-related damage in your unit upon inspection.

And pet rent? That’s a monthly add-on that will raise the price of your rent. You may not even see this, but if the apartment is dog friendly you may notice their rent is a running a bit higher then complexes that don’t allow dogs.

Although many people don’t agree with extra fees related to pets, if you look at it from the Landlord’s perspective, most dogs can cause a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time. There is increased risk related to renting out a dog friendly apartment.

Look for dog friendly amenities

When searching for a dog friendly apartment it is a good idea to look for amenities that will keep your four-legged friend happy. Some amenities to consider are dog waste-specific trash cans with plastic bags located in or around the complex. Other great features for dog lovers include dog parks and walking trails. Typically, you have limited space living in an apartment so a park or trail for your companion to roam and get some exercise can be very important.


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