It’s that time of the year again, spring cleaning! This is an opportunity to organize and sort the many objects that accumulated in our closets, garage and cellar over the past year.

We certainly all have this tendency to accumulate a whole bunch of objects despite what they are. There are bikes, the one you bought last year in a motivational boost to get you back to the sport, but collects dust at the back of your garage. There is also your pair of Roller blades which you never could get rid of, because you never know, one day you might need to use them, and then your great grandchildren will be glad to have them! It is the same for all childcare accessories, strollers, car seats and all those other pieces of equipment you purchased.

Do you really want to throw them out? Of course not, rent them!!

By offering your items for rent, you give them a second life, pay off your purchases and make someone happy by allowing them to rent a specific item instead of purchasing it for a one-time use.

Of course for the objects you do not want to rent: sell, donate, recycle! Many garage sales are begin organized throughout Canada this spring. If you need a tent for your garage sale and you’re not interested in buying one, think about renting one to save some money.

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See you soon!

The Rentza Team

Photo by Dave Crosby