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Pet Friendly Apartment Rentals

Like many would agree, pets are part of the family. They add the warmth and comfort a home should have. Although the number of pet-friendly apartments are on the rise, it can still prove quite difficult to find the right one. Like any rental, there are certain financial restrictions you may come across; especially if […]

Humane Society

RentZa.ca is a new online marketplace for people who want to rent out their property and belongings to people who need somewhere to live or are looking for a piece of equipment to rent. One issue close to the Rentza community’s heart is Pet-friendly Accommodations. In most cities there is a distinct shortage of pet-friendly rental properties available, and Calgary […]

finding a pet friendly apartment for rent

Finding a Pet-friendly Apartment Finding an Apartment can be hard work – especially when you are looking for something to accommodate you and a pet! Although it is not yet illegal to deny potential renters for owning a pet, the fact of it is that landlords still have the freedom to choose whether they will […]

Pet Travel Tips

How to Travel with Pets this Holiday Season It’s that time of year again – and undoubtedly your calendars have filled up with holiday parties, family gatherings, and visits with friends. While for many these events are nothing else but dreading time spent with the in-laws or rushing out to buy new party outfits; for […]

Calgary Pet-friendly Costumes

RentZa’s 1st Annual Calgary Pet-friendly Halloween Costume Contest It’s That Scary Time of Year … Ghosts are scary. Goblins are scary. Zombies are scary. ME first thing in the morning before make-up and coffee is scary. But you know what’s really scary? How difficult it is to find pet-friendly rental accommodations in Calgary, that’s what! […]