Spring is in the air and the sun is out; the time for yard work and renovations is back, but perhaps this year you are looking to save a few bucks? Don’t worry, Rentza is thinking of you! We have prepared a quick and easy must have tool list to help turn you into the perfect handyman.

The Basic Toolbox: Hammer, Screwdrivers and Pliers.

  1. Ideally, you need a light hammer for small jobs (such as a hammer to hang pictures on a wall with a small nail) and a heavier, more durable hammer for those larger more demanding jobs.
  2. Another essential basic tool, the screwdriver! You will sometimes need different types of screwdrivers, like a Flat Head, Phillips or Robertson screwdriver. It is always a good idea to have several different sizes and shapes available; you can usually buy affordable kits from stores like Canadian tire with every screwdriver you will ever need. When taking on the task of assembling or disassembling furniture, find yourself a power drill to make the job much easier.
  3. Another great tool to put in your toolbox would be pliers. These will allow you to firmly hold an object. You will be surprised how much easier some jobs can become if you have a firm grip on something.
  4. Once in a while you may need to cut some cables or do some minor electrical work, an excellent tool for this is side cutters.
  5. To complete your toolbox we recommend a small six-inch level and a sixteen-foot tape measure. These are two inexpensive tools that will help to keep your work precise and looking professional.

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Outside the Basic Toolbox

  1. The single most essential tool for the perfect handyman, that isn’t going to fit in your toolbox, is a power drill. As mentioned earlier this tool will make your jobs much easier. For most of your work, an average 12V or 18V cordless drill will be sufficient. However, for larger jobs, such as masonry, you should equip yourself with a more powerful 120V electric drill (You never know, maybe your neighbour two doors down has one listed on Rentza).
  2. We continue with the final essential tool; the saw. Does this tool seem surprising to you? A saw is an essential tool that will accomplish many small and big jobs; cutting a wooden plank for a shelf or maybe you want to build a playhouse or a swing for your grandchildren. There are many types of saws you could use for any number of reno jobs; jig, circular, metal, handsaw, miter and there are many more specialized for different materials. A lot of these saws can take up a large amount of space. Consider renting if you only need it for a small project.
  3. Finally, any good handyman needs to have some handy accessories such as nails, bolts, screws and a few sheets of sandpaper.

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Not everyone has the space nor can they afford to buy all the tools required to complete a project. If you have tools collecting dust at home or you’re just looking to make some extra income, list your tools on Rentza today!

Happy Renovating!

Your Rentza Team

Photo Provided by Mark Hunter